Why Use an Idaho Falls Property Management Company?

Today we’re answering the big question that we hear a lot: what do property management companies do? The list of things property managers do to take care of your property is immense. We’re touching on a few key points that illustrate why you should use a property management company in Idaho Falls. These things will really set your property manager apart as a valuable asset.

What Does a Property Manager Do: Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is important to ensure you place a qualified tenant who will pay rent on time and care for your property. It’s necessary to look at the big picture with tenants.

Why Use a Property Management Company: Rent Collection

Sometimes tenants have life situations that cause them to pay late, and there are other issues that can come up with rent collection. Your property manager can really shine in this area, and make sure your rent comes in every month. It’s their primary job, and your management company should be good at this.

What Does a Property Manager Do: Regular Inspections

Your property manager will regularly drive by the property and conduct interior inspections. This is an important part of maintaining your investment and ensuring the tenants are following the terms of your lease agreement. Your property manager is around and aware of what your rental home needs. This helps you protect your investment and its condition.

Why Use a Property Management Company: Turnovers

We wish that every tenant would take care of the property as well as you would. But, that’s not the case. A good property manager will do a detailed walkthrough after a tenant vacates, and put together a plan for turning the property over quickly. You’ll know what can be charged to the tenant, if there is damage, and you can save thousands of dollars on turnover costs. Talk to your property manager about how long these turnovers will take. We have a seven business day timeframe, and sometimes we can bring that down to just a day or two if a carpet cleaning or minor repairs are all your property needs. Listen to your property manager and be open to the advice you hear about what might need to be done to your property before it goes back on the market.

What Do Property Managers Do: Maintenance

Regular maintenance has to happen, just as it does with your personal home. Don’t be afraid when a property manager calls to say a hot water heater issue needs to be resolved. This is part of being a landlord and an investor. Don’t be a slumlord who doesn’t take care of the home and neglects to respond to a tenant’s needs. Laws and regulations are in place on how to deal with these issues. Trust your property manager to take care of these things in the required timeframe. A good property manager will step up in many fields and will always work with your best interests in mind. If you have any questions about property management in Idaho Falls, please contact us at HomeRiver Group (BMG Rentals).