The Importance of Detailed Property Inspections

“It was a lot nicer when I rented it to them.”

Although our high screening standards prevent most lease violations and damages, even good tenants can potentially allow maintenance issues to go unchecked. A small drip left alone may turn into an expensive sub-floor replacement and a neglected furnace filter could become a costly heating or AC repair.

Frequent Property Inspections

Some landlords wait until the tenants move out to inspect the property. With a regular inspection program tenants can be held responsible, and given an opportunity to correct lease violations, while still in the property instead of hoping to recover damages when they move out. As the following video shows (not one of our properties), even if the outside looks fine, the inside could be an entirely different story.

To avoid finding these situations after a tenant moves out, not only do we perform regular drive-by inspections, but we thoroughly inspect the property every spring and fall. During our inspections, a preventative maintenance survey is performed. The feedback provided from owners is very positive and these inspections can be conducted more often by request.

Any further inspections are performed as needed, or if the tenant fails to pay rent or respond to communications. Additionally our vendors know to notify us of any concerns they may notice when visiting a property.

Should damages be found during any of our inspections, the tenant is given 3 days to repair it to its original condition. If the issue is not taken care of in a timely manner we will line up the repair and charge the tenant. This includes lawn care and other exterior maintenance issues.

Preventative maintenance can save us, and you, thousands of dollars. Our inspection program and policies ensure good, clean people keep your property good and clean.