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How to Get Started in Rental Investing

If you’ve been thinking about investing in rental real estate, this is an excellent time to get started. In Utah and Idaho, we have seen an increase in rents as well as stable, long-term tenants. Whether you have a property that you’re planning to convert into a rental or you want to purchase an investment…

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Do You Need Landlord Insurance?

As a rental property owner, you need to talk to your insurance agent or a professional property manager before you make any decisions about insurance for your investment. Each state will have its own requirements. At HomeRiver Group (BMG Rentals), we manage homes in Utah and Idaho, and today we’re sharing some of the things…

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How Much Does Property Management Cost?

The cost of professional property management depends on where you’re located, and what type of services you seek. We manage properties in Utah and in Idaho, and a lot of the landlords we talk to hesitate to hire professionals because of the perceived cost. What you need to know is that using professional management can…

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