How Safe is Airbnb?

how safe is airbnb?Many people are choosing to use Airbnb as their vacation home rental source when planning vacations.


Before staying in an Airbnb you should follow 2 simple rules.

  1. The location must have 3 or more reviews, with none of those reviews stating a negative experience.
  2. Talk to the host in person via Airbnb; if there are any iffy feelings at all, don’t do it. Also add the host on Facebook and other social media as well, this is a good way to see the host’s character and ensure a personal connection. Make sure that you are also happy with the location of the Airbnb and the pictures of the location.


Let’s say you follow these basic guidelines and still have a horrible experience. Make sure you are prepared and have the following:

  • A mobile phone
  • The local police’s number (911 equivalent)
  • Airbnb’s safety hotline number
  • A backup hotel to stay at, the money to pay for it, and the transportation to get there
  • A copy of your reservation at this Airbnb location


Ideas for article by Monroe Labouisse, Quora user