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Never again worry about the health of your home

It's only natural to worry about the condition of your rental home, but our comprehensive inspection program provides unbeatable peace of mind. Our intensive tenant screening process eliminates many of the damage issues bad tenants create, but we take protecting your investment a step further with routine visits to the home. Over the course of our inspections, we work to identify potential lease violations or damages and take steps to address such problems accordingly.

Learn more about our inspections process:

We Schedule Inspections twice a year

We conduct an in-person inspection of your rental property twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Our vendors work with the tenants to find a convenient time for the visit. These inspections cost $25 to $55, based on the needs of the property. Speak to one of our property managers to learn more.

If you're interested, we can also complete a full inspection report, complete with photos, upon request. This additional service allows you to gain a clear picture of any problems in the home. If we identify damage, tenants will have three days to resolve the problem or we will schedule a visit from a contractor to take care of the issue.

Our Team regularly performs "Drive by" Inspections

On top of our twice annual visits, we also perform regular drive-by inspections of your rental property. Our property managers do this to make sure that the home's exterior remains in good condition and to verify that nothing seems amiss. Should we encounter a problem during one of these casual inspections, we'll schedule a more thorough review with the tenant as quickly as possible.

Need More Insight? Schedule another visit

In most cases, two inspections each year are more than sufficient. If you have particular concerns about your home, however, we can always work with you to schedule additional visits. If anything goes wrong over the course of the tenancy, we'll also proactively schedule an inspection, simply to ascertain that all is well. These visits may occur when a tenant doesn't pay their rent on time or doesn't respond to communication from our offices. We're constantly working to protect your investment and identify problems before they spiral out of control.

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