Eviction Protection

IF things go wrong, we step up to the plate

Evictions are no fun, plain and simple. At BMG Rentals, we believe the best approach to evictions is to make certain they never become necessary. We do this by carefully screening every application we receive and only choosing highly qualified tenants for your home. It's in large part thanks to this approach that we've been able to maintain an eviction rate of less than 1%.

Of course, sometimes the worst does come to pass, and we need to help you remove a bad tenant from your property and get the home back on the market. Discover how our eviction process works:

We Immediately Deal with Tenant Problems

Rent is due on the first of the month and tenants are required to keep their homes in great condition. If a renter doesn't respect either of these rules, we take the necessary measures to rectify the problem. Frequent inspections are designed to identify red flags that could result in an eviction, and late tenants receive follow up calls and legal notices if they don't pay their rent.

We don't let problems spiral massively out of control. Instead, we deal with issues upfront to minimize the headache and potential financial losses associated with a problem tenant.

Our Team Handles the Eviction Process

We're almost always able to find an amicable solution with our tenants, but if things go completely sideways, your property manager will take care of starting the eviction. We work with an attorney to serve legal notice of impending eviction. We'll also handle everything associated with the turnover, with move-out instructions provided to the tenant.

We aim to get bad tenants out of a home within 30 days. If damages occurred, we'll make deductions from the security deposit as necessary. Any additional costs will be turned over to collections. We understand that extenuating circumstances sometimes occur, but we don't allow any tenant to become a charity case. Instead, BMG focuses on keeping you profitable and making up the loss.

Great New Tenants Fill Your Vacancy

If we determine that an eviction has become necessary, we'll begin handling the marketing alongside the eviction process. We want to get someone in the home as quickly as possible, which will help ensure you don't lose more money with a vacant home. If we need to repair damages after the departure of the evicted tenant, we will work quickly to set our vendors in action and restore your home to rent-ready condition.

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