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Owning rental properties can prove quite lucrative, but it takes plenty of time and effort to keep your home performing optimally. If you're trying to handle your property's upkeep solo, you're likely investing countless hours into your home every month. This arrangement works for some handy investors who don't mind taking a hands-on approach. For many others, however, the property management equation is quite cumbersome.

If you're thinking about hiring BMG Rentals to handle the needs of your property, consider the 10 ways we can help you maximize your home's potential.

Setting Your Rental Price

Many landlords have no clear pricing strategy, instead turning to the classified ads to learn what others are charging. At BMG Rentals, we take a proactive approach to rental pricing. Our team will conduct a thorough market study for your home and use the information gathered to set an appropriate price.

This thoughtful approach will ensure your home earns as much money as possible, while also reducing the time it sits vacant.

Collecting Monthly Rent Payments

Chasing after tenants for rent payments every month is no fun, plain and simple. Following up with tenants can prove really awkward, and a single late payment can throw a serious wrench in your cash flow. At BMG Rentals, we use a digital system that makes it easy to process rent payments quickly. Let us handle the hassle for you and ensure you receive your earnings like clockwork.

Marketing and advertising

Every day your home sits vacant costs you money. Our local experience and access to powerful advertising tools makes the BMG team an unbeatable marketing force. Each of our offices has developed a unique strategy for quickly connecting with local tenants.

Because of the sheer number of properties we advertise, we also enjoy volume discounts that allow us to keep costs low, a financial savings we pass along to our clients.

Screening Applicants

We've worked with countless tenants over the course of our history, and we've developed a keen eye for red flags. Every application we receive undergoes intense screening. Our process includes criminal background and security checks, credit report review, employment verification, and landlord reference checks.

Don't get stuck with a problem tenant—let us keep you protected.

Managing Tenant Relationships

Over the course of a tenant's stay, there are plenty of questions and problems that crop up; from maintenance requests to billing issues, our team works diligently to keep tenants happy and diffuse heated situations. By maintaining tenant satisfaction, we're able to reduce turnover rates and save you money.

Building Vendor Partnerships

When maintenance problems crop up, it's important to respond quickly and make certain the work meets a certain standard. BMG Rentals has built a network of licensed maintenance workers, contractors, and suppliers who keep our portfolio maintained. We enjoy preferential rates with these vendors and pass along our savings to you.

Keeping you legally compliant

Don't find yourself running into legal problems because you haven't respected the numerous ordinances and laws governing your property. Landlords must comply with housing legislation on the federal, state, and city level. It's also important to comply with ADA fair housing regulations.

Our team stays abreast of the latest developments and we keep you compliant, reducing your liability and protecting your income for the long haul.

Providing Management at a Distance

If you own property that isn't located nearby, it's imperative to find a property manager who can keep your home performing in your absence. BMG Rentals allows you to invest in Utah and Idaho properties, regardless of where you call home. We've witnessed impressive growth in the past decade, outpacing many other real estate markets in the United States. Fortunately, our hands-on management support makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the investment opportunities in this area.

Maximizing the value of your time

Ask yourself a simple question: how much time am I spending managing my home? By focusing exclusively on the day-to-day upkeep of your property, you don't have the time to work on growing your portfolio or furthering your personal career.

Instead of letting your home jeopardize your schedule, turn to the property management experts. Much like accountants focus on tax matters and attorneys specialize in the law, it makes sense to let the property pros keep your home optimized.

Pushing your investment dollar further

Unlike some property managers that use hidden fees and complicated pricing structures to hit you where it hurts, we charge a flat percentage fee. Many of our clients ultimately find that professional management with BMG Rentals decreases their overall costs, in turn boosting their annual earnings.


Apply for property management for your property now. Contact our team to obtain your free rental analysis and learn more about our management approach.