How long will my property be vacant?

vacant propertiesWhen searching out a property management company, a good question to consider is, “How long will my property be vacant”?  The guys at BMG Rentals say they don’t wait for your property to rent itself, they make it happen!

Vacant properties do not generate money. Most owners who have switched to BMG’s system have seen a decline in vacancy rates. Their entire team meets weekly to review each vacant property. If a property is not rented within 30 days it is typically due to price, presentation, and/or exposure. If a rental is not renting BMG Rentals addresses each of these factors.  The following information is found on their website.

  • Price: We will recommend a rental price based on comparables in the current market with a goal of having it rented within 30 days or sooner. We track the number of calls, showings, and applications for each vacant property. With this data we are able to adjust the price as needed.
  • Presentation: We will make recommendations based on our experience, and feedback from showings. If the property needs more cleaning or other improvements that will help the presentation, we will discuss these items with the owner
  • Promotion: We give our vacant properties maximum promotion through our marketing program. This includes websites, local media, tenant referral program, yard signs, and our own top ranking website. More promotion gives us more options for screening for good tenants, less time vacant, and increased rental income.

Remember, vacant properties do not generate income, so find a property management company that will be aggressive in finding and keeping good tenants.