Idaho multi-family properties may be eligible for insulation rebate

Available Multi Family Rebates for Attic Insulation (Electric Only Properties):

  • Rocky Mountain Power Rebate for Electrically Cooled and Heated Property:
    • R30 (12’’ fiberglass insulation) = $0.50 cents per sq ft

Pricing and Payment Information:

  • Total Cost to install an R30 (12’’ fiberglass insulation) – $0.50 cents per sq ft. Assuming that a complex has been pre-qualified for the RMP Electric Rebate Incentive. The net cost after rebates to the customer is zero.
  • It takes approx 6-8 weeks from the time the project is complete to the time the rebate is received. No payment is due until the rebate has been received. The Rebate incentive check will be sent direct to either your Management office or the apartment complex office and will be written in the name of the complex or the Management Company.

Key qualifiers that must be met in order to qualify for both the RMP and Questar Gas rebates:

  • RMP:
    • Unit must be heated using ducted Electric Furnace System (No gas Furnace)
    • Pre-existing insulation level must be R19 or less
    • Must be on qualified rate schedule with RMP Landlord Acct (residential rate customer)

Pre-qualification Process:

  • In order to determine if an apartment complex meets the above criteria, Home Energy Solutions will need to have permission to work with the onsite apartment Manager. Once permission has been granted, a representative from Home Energy Solutions will schedule a time with the Manager to access 3-5 units depending on the size of the complex and take measurements of the existing insulation levels and pictures of both the furnace and cooling units. The only work required by the office in order to complete this process, will be to give notice to the tenants in order to access their unit. Once in the unit, the inspection process will take approx 5-10 min.
  • In the event that there are vacant units or units with outside access to the attics, there will be no need to access the unit or provide notice to the tenant if vacant.
  • Once we determine that a complex does meet the qualifications, we will notify RMP of our findings and a representative from RMP will then contact the office to verify our inspection results and confirm that the rebates are available.

Work Proposal (Approval to begin work):

  • Once the “Work Proposal” has been signed, we can begin with the work. The basic outline of the Agreement requires that we are a licensed and insured contactor performing quality work with quality materials. It also reviews the payment details and how the utility rebates are used for payment.

Completion of Work:

  • After the Work Proposal has been signed. Home Energy Solutions will work with the onsite Apartment Manager to complete the work. Home Energy Solutions will provide the apartment office with the schedule of work. The schedule will be used to give proper notice to each tenant. Other than providing notice to the tenants, no other work is required from the office. In the event that the apartment has outside access to the attic (breezeway or rooftop), we will not need to access the units and no work will be required by the office. When access to the unit is required, each apartment will take approx 30-45 min to complete depending on the size. All apartments will be left clean and in the same condition as when we entered.

Completion of Rebate Paperwork:

  • All rebate paperwork will be completed and submitted to RMP by Home Energy Solutions. The only items needed to complete the paperwork from the Management or apartment office will be the following:
    • A copy of the Rocky Mountain Power utility bill. This is usually called the “Landlord Tenant Agreement” account and is usually in the apartment complex or owners name. This is the account used when a unit goes vacant and needs to still have the electricity on. It will often include the commons area lighting and usually has several meters attached to it.
    • Final signatures for the RMP rebate applications confirming that the work was completed.

Home Energy Solutions is licensed, insured, qualified and experienced contractor.

  • We have worked extensively with Rocky Mountain Power and have insulated many large apartment complexes throughout Utah using the rebate programs to pay for the cost. We take pride in having as little impact as possible on all parties involved while completing the work in a timely and efficient manner.