Home Sales and Building Permits Looking Good in Idaho Falls

The real estate market in Idaho Falls has been really cooking this year! With Idaho Falls being one of the most inexpensive  places to live, it’s not shocking that the market is doing so well. The chart below shows some statistics about the real estate market here in Idaho Falls.

Real estate

As you can see, sales are up, as are new listings and prices. You may have also noticed that the unemployment rate has dropped every year since 2011 – making it easier to rent or purchase a home.


Last of all, here are building statistics from the city of Idaho Falls, which show a lot of action on the new construction of single family dwellings which make great investment properties.

 Building Permits

The building of homes has dramatically increased over the past couple of years and prices have continued to rise. It’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing to build their investment properties in Idaho Falls.