Delivering Happiness!!! Touring Zappos headquarters in Vegas

While in Las Vegas to attend the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) Broker/Owner Conference, we (the owners of BMG Rentals Property Management and Jacob Grant Property Management) had the opportunity to tour Zappos headquarters.

Wyatt, Chad, Jake, Clint, and Joe are royalty at Zappos.

We read the book “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh before going to Las Vegas. Zappos is known for its outstanding customer service. We wanted to see if we could bring some of their magic back to our businesses. They developed a culture as a small start-up business that was focused on the customer experience. It is impressive how that culture is still strong in their organization and their thousands of employees.

Tony Hsieh’s cubicle right next to other Zappos employees.

“I usually ask people to think about what they would be so passionate about doing that they’d be happy doing it for 10 years — even if they never made any money — and that’s what they should be doing. By doing that, it’ll actually greatly increase their chances of making more money, because it’s their passion that’s going to get them through the tough times — and every business has its ups and downs. And their passion will rub off onto employees and have a ripple effect on customers and business partners.” 
– Tony Hsieh 

Chad plays Angry Birds on the HUGE
 Ipad Coffee Table in the Zappos lobby.
Some highlights of the tour included:
  • If you wear a tie they cut it in half and hang it on the wall.
  • They have a company library with free books for employees and visitors. Most of these books are popular business books that have influenced Zappos. We each were given a copy of the Zappos Culture book and chose another book to enjoy.
  • The cafeteria and vending machines are mostly free to employees and guests.
  • Employees are welcome to decorate their areas however they want. One employee had wood flooring in his cubicle. One gathering area has artificial grass and lawn-chairs.
  • The CEO and VP’s have cubicles right in the mix with everyone else in the company.
  • They offer guests shuttle service from their hotel to the Zappos Headquarters and back. All of this is at no cost. They just want to spread happiness.
  • Everyone was HAPPY!

This employee decorated his entire cubicle with aluminum foil.
The largest gummy bear ever!

We want to thank Zappos for their hospitality!!