Tips for Tenants and Managers

Dodging the Bad Tenant Bullet

When you are a landlord, figurative bullets can fly at you from many directions. Taxes, insurance, code enforcement, and repairs are all things we landlords have to deal with. One of the most painful bullets if it finds its target, however, is the bad tenant. Dodging bad tenants begins with your tenant screening process, but…

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Should Landlords Give Tenant Gifts at the Holidays?

Many landlords wrestle with the question of whether to give winter holiday gifts to tenants. From Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa, people celebrate the season by giving gifts. Does that mean you should? According to Steven Michael White of Rentprep, you need to go with your gut feeling on this one. There are several schools…

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5 Easy Holiday Decoration Tips for Renters

Help your renters feel festive this holiday season by sharing these tips on how to decorate for the holidays without violating the terms of their lease. Suction Solutions Putting lights around the perimeter of a window allows you to share a little illumination with the outside world. Instead of putting screw hooks in the frame around…

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