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BMG will get you the BEST tenants for your property

A thorough screening tenant process is crucial to avoid any future issues with rent collection or property damages to your property and we are here to do just that for you.  The tenant screening process is the most vital service we provide as your property management company.   We have seen how much a bad tenant…

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Don't Lock Out or Freeze Out a Tenant — It is Illegal!

Tempting as this may sound, landlords are subject to penalties if they change the locks or shut off utilities to get a tenant out of rental property. As any experienced landlord will attest, there are occasional tenants who do things that are so outrageous that the landlord is tempted to bypass normal legal protections and…

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10 Ways to Help Out Your Property Management Company

This investor from BiggerPockets says it best:   I’ve read a lot here on BiggerPockets about the pros and cons of using a property management company, but have you ever considered how property management companies view property owners?   Property management companies fully expect to maintain the properties they manage and manage the tenants who…

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