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How you'll pay for ignoring home repairs

Many home owners find themselves surprised at how much maintenance they need to do on their houses — even new ones. Sometimes maintenance is as simple as plunging a toilet or touching up paint on a wall or stain on a deck. Other times, however, home maintenance means bigger projects. These are the kind you might not…

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Real Estate vs. Stocks – Which is the Right Investment for YOU?

Asking the question, “what is the right investment for me – real estate or stocks?” is like asking whether white socks are better than black socks. Because the “right” answer is about style, personality and lifestyle.Take a look at a few of the pros and cons of each type of investment below. Pros of Investing…

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Tips on How to Compete with Cash Buyers

As cash buyers continue to inundate recovering markets, it’s easy to feel like the underdog if your offer includes a pre-approval letter for a mortgage. In some places — especially in the Midwest and Florida — more than half of sales in the first quarter of 2014 were closed with cash, according to a recent…

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