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The Basics on Insuring Your Property

When you own real estate – whether an investment or a personal residence – you should procure the proper type and dollar value of insurance needed for your property. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the basics of how insurance coverage works, and many individuals just want to spend “as little as possible” on insurance. The…

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Are You Really Saving Money by Being a Landlord?

The Bigger Pockets Blog issued a great article about the costs of being a landlord versus hiring a property manager. The following is the original article:   Are you really saving money by being a landlord versus paying a property manager?   Last week I wrote an article that explained the difference between active and…

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ABC Local News talks with BMG Property Management

In Idaho Falls, Salt Lake, Provo, and St. George BMG rental markets are not only staying strong, but rental prices are increasing in some areas. ABC local news interviewed Jared Duncan from our Idaho Falls office about the average rental increase from 2012. Watch the following video to see their story.    

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