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How to Get Your Deposit Back

Video from BMG Property Management showing  tenants how to get their deposit returned A step-by-step walk-through showing what we look for after tenants move out. We want tenants to get their full deposit back because this means the property was ready to rent again. Rental property owners love it when a place is ready to rent after…

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Home Sales and Building Permits Looking Good in Idaho Falls

The real estate market in Idaho Falls has been really cooking this year! With Idaho Falls being one of the most inexpensive  places to live, it’s not shocking that the market is doing so well. The chart below shows some statistics about the real estate market here in Idaho Falls. As you can see, sales…

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What Difference Does a Professional Property Manager Make?

When rental properties are managed using professional management techniques there are significant differences in vacancy rates, tenant screening, and the overall condition of the property. When a property owner doesn’t see the value and importance in great property management a great investment can go bad quickly. Check out this quick video showing first-hand the differences…

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