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The Importance of Detailed Property Inspections

“It was a lot nicer when I rented it to them.” Although our high screening standards prevent most lease violations and damages, even good tenants can potentially allow maintenance issues to go unchecked. A small drip left alone may turn into an expensive sub-floor replacement and a neglected furnace filter could become a costly heating…

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Diagnosing Vacancies

What keeps a property from renting? Tenant turnover cannot be prevented. Renters will eventually move. Although the economy may be taking baby steps toward a recovery with national vacancy rates on the decline, regional rates continue to outpace the average. The national rental vacancy rate dropped to 4.9 percent the first quarter of 2012, its…

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Should I Allow Pets?

Should I Allow Pets? Pets can potentially cause damage to a property; however over 60% of renters have them. If you want to avoid the hassle of worrying over pet damages, it may take you longer to find a renter for your property. Here are some of the pros and cons to help make the…

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